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MLM nonsense

In their effort to overcome the many objections of prospective distributors, MLM promoters frequently resort to numerous statements that are questionable in their validity and/or their relevance.

Famous People & MLM

One claim going around is that Donald Trump said that, if he had to do it all over again, he would have started with network marketing.

Since this statement was purportedly made on the David Letterman show, it well could have been made in jest. But even if Donald Trump actually made this statement and was serious about it, it doesn't automatically follow that it makes sense for the prospective distributor to become an MLM participant.

Well-Known Businesses Involved with MLM

American City Business Journals publishes business newspapers in cities across the United States. Their reporting is largely matter-of-fact in nature, but in 1996, they published a story titled Marketing on a Shoestring [Wayback archive] (subtitled Multilevel marketing programs get more sophisticated) in the Business Journal of Charlotte. By pointing out some of the claims of detractors of MLM, the article appeared to be "balanced", but the overall impression of the article falls only slightly short of overwhelming enthusiasm.

Among the "silly" claims are that various well-known companies, such as Coca-Cola, General Electric, and Xerox participate in, not necessarily MLM, but direct selling. Apparently Alf Nucifora, the author, didn't want to risk the challenge by claiming that selling to Amway is tantamount to partnering with Amway.

Take a look at the Joint Ventures [Wayback archive] page for further information on this MLM Nonsense.

As to Nucifora's suggestion of increasing sophistication mentioned in the subtitle, there's no mention of anything relating to this anywhere in the article.

Here's some more silliness:

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Updated September 25, 1998