Refunds Not Flowing From
"Secrets to Cash Flow Now"

January 8, 1999 Dallas, TX -- An Addison business using infomercials to offer its home-based business plan called "Secrets to Cash Flow Now" hasn't been honoring its money back guarantee, according to complaints to the Better Business Bureau. The company advertises a "30 day money-back guarantee," but it turns out to be based on the date the order is placed, not the date the order is received by the customer. The requested refunds range from $39.95 to $79.95.

Direct Strategies International (DSI), 4151 Beltline Rd., Suite #124-316, Addison, TX, has been in the Bureau's files since November, 1998. The BBB has received 398 requests for information and 18 complaints on DSI. The company has an unsatisfactory customer experience record due to failure to eliminate the cause of complaints.

Most complaints allege refund problems. An Oklahoma woman complained that she ordered the package on April 30, 1998, and received it on May 11. "The product did not work for me," she says, "so I returned shipment on June 8 with the understanding that I had a 30 day money-back guarantee I received a call stating that I did not return product within the allotted time."

Another complaint says, "This policy was never explained, not when I ordered the product, not when I received the product. There simply was no information provided to me that the clock began ticking when DSI received the order."

In response, DSI has offered refunds in some cases, but not all.

Two complaints allege the material was not what the customer expected. A San Antonio customer said that after receiving "Secrets to Cash Flow Now," she "felt the commercial was very misleading." A man in Sutton, MA, stated, "It was supposed to be a course on direct marketing. It turned out to be a sales pitch for a multi-level marketing company, 2Xtreme. The entire subject matter was slanted to try to get you to join 2Xtreme."

The Bureau has had a file on 2 Xtreme Performance International, 15105 Surveyor Blvd., Dallas, since May, 1996. The company sells a line of nutritional supplements through a multilevel marketing plan. The BBB has received 2,631 inquiries and 178 complaints on the company. (See BBB Bulletin, May, 1998.)

2Xtreme Performance International has an unsatisfactory customer experience record with the Bureau, due to failure to eliminate the cause of complaints. Distributor complaints allege misrepresentation of the total cost of launching the business; failure to disclose all conditions of the business opportunity; non-delivery of product or materials; and difficulties in obtaining refunds. Customer complaints allege dissatisfaction with products; non-delivery of products; and difficulties in obtaining refunds. The company responds to complaints with adjustments or explanations.

The BBB is also referring complaints on these companies to the Federal Trade Commission at 214-979-0213.


Customers thinking of purchasing the "Secrets to Cash Flow Now" package are encouraged to pay by credit card. If requesting a refund, return the merchandise as soon as possible using a service that provides a dated receipt and a signature from the company when delivered. If the refund request is turned down, dispute the charge on the credit card account.