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Consumer Alert: JewelWay International

Here's the way the FTC described the activites of JewelWay:
Ran a pyramid scheme via an Internet home page and through group presentations, offering consumers the chance to earn up to $2,250 a week plus bonuses for the purchase of expensive homes, automobiles and vacations, by participating in a purported multi-level marketing scheme to sell fine jewelry.

Consumers paid $250 to $2,750 or more and then had to recruit at least two new JewelWay representatives. As with any pyramid scheme, where compensation is based on recruiting new representatives rather than actual sales of products, this one ultimately will collapse and most investors will lose all their money.

The FTC order is no longer available from Jewelway, but you can get it from the FTC along with the FTC News Release dated 11/17/1997 is. Further information is no longer available from the temporary receiver.
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Updated September 14, 1998