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Consumer Alert: GetGasFree Marketing Group

The web page of the GetGasFree Marketing Group warns readers:
... if you are the type of person who is always negative ... please do not take the time to contact me. My interest is with forward thinking action oriented, committed individuals...
We choose to paraphrase this caution:
If you recognize this for the obvious scam it is, don't bug me. I want to talk to people who should probably be committed to a mental institution, or people who will strive to succeed without regard to the financial harm they cause other people.
Founded by Brandt Eppler of Synergistic Systems in Timonium, Maryland, the GetGasFree program apparently requires an investment of $152 to $754, depending on the number of "business centers" purchased.

Buying Position with Business Centers

GetGasFree shares at least one part of its operation with International Heritage: the opportunity to purchase 1, 3, or 7 business centers. By buying multiple business centers, participants can earn money on multiple levels from each sale.

But the opportunity to obtain greater earnings by making a larger initial investment is one way an MLM can get in trouble, and is tantamount to the prohibited practice of "buying position," which is prohibited by FTC rules.

One Red Flag is Enough

Although the web page offers few details, the "multiple business centers" option is a red flag, and that's all it takes for us to urge people to avoid this "opportunity."
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